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Neural Wall

Neural Wall is an adventure in Neural Networks. The work tries to find out how the neural network sees the building that it is projected on.

From the picture of the building the neural network created a version of its own. This version was used as a base of a 3D animation. The animation that was mapped to the this very same wall, slowly shows to the viewer a whole new picture about the building. The audience can enjoy the wall’s dreamy new appearance and the soundscape that follows the animation.

Neural Wall was made specially for Night of the Art Helsinki 2018 and it was last part of the exhibition Fragmented Landscape in Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, Finland. The projection mapping work was an intimate experience in the small inner ward in the center of Helsinki.


Google Deep Dream Neural Network
Ableton Live


3D animated video
Neural network image
Electronic sound and music


2018, Gallery Hippolyte inner yard, Helsinki, FI

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