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Love Never Fails

As time passes, human routines and behaviors become safe ways to act. Year after year we read the same newspaper in the same position in the morning. We eat, we fight, we get offended and laugh like we always do. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between one´s own and another person’s opinion. One might ask oneself: “Is this how I feel or has my relationship with this person altered my opinions, altered me?” Somewhere else I may behave differently. In a long relationship the boundary between me and you is blurred. Does this, in a way, lead to the creation of a new person, us?

The Rauhalas utilize symbolism related to Finnish wedding traditions. The name of the exhibition, Love Never Fails, refers to the First Epistle to the Corinthians, a text often read at weddings. It refers to the permanence of love, to love that always exists. Love between people does however seem incomplete and sometimes even transient. One has to work hard to keep it alive. Is it love when we trust this new person called “us” when our own boundaries seem to be blurred and when we are the furthest away from each other?


MDF board
3D printed sculpture
Light box
4K video


2016, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, FI

Production Year