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Landscape Error

Throughout the times landscape has always inspired artists all over the world. Fragmented Landscape is an artwork that captures the landscape with a 3D scanner. The idea was not to reproduce the view as it is, but rather to use the scanner like a painter uses a brush. Every picture is a small fragment from nature. Nature has so much power but is also fragile. Human actions can either destroy or maintain the beauty of nature.

All images for Fragmented Landscape were made with a 3D scanner in the different national parks in Finland.

Fragmented Landscape is a series of photography with augmented reality and 4K animated film. The augmented reality part works with a free Arilyn app. The pictures will become animated when you check them out with the Arilyn app.


Diasec photography with AR technology
4K video animation


2016, Alive and Well, Showroom Berliini, Berlin, DE
2018, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki, FI
2020, ForumBox, Helsinki, FI

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