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Eero Was Here

Eero Was Here is a 3D animation which was made with Unreal Enginge game engine.

Eero Was Here (2022), a commissioned work by artist Pasi Rauhala, reflects a location that is present in Eero Järnefelt’s Kukkivaa kesää (1918), a painting that is part of the Järvenpää Art Museum collection. The artwork displays Rauhala’s idea of what might have happened before the creation of Järnefelt’s painting – perhaps there was a garden party being held at Suviranta? – and what kinds of marks human life leaves on the landscape even if humans are nowhere to be seen. In the artwork, the artist is marked in the landscape as a red dot; a location. Even though the artwork imagines what life and the landscape might have been like 100 years ago, the artwork is not set in any specific time: in it, time and place are meaningless, even if the whole work is based on them.


Unreal Engine 5EA


3D animation


2022, For Humans and Beetles – Järvenpää Art Museum, Tampere, FI

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