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Cave and the Find

The Cave and The Find is a permanent public sculpture for the city of Outokumpu’s main school building. The piece is located in two places and combines video projection mapping and physical object.

The main inspiration of the work comes from the history of the city of Outokumpu being a mining city. The main shape of the work is a three-dimensional triangle, which can be seen as triangulation used in mining. These triangular faces form a geometrical piece of a rock formation. The bigger piece is in the wing of natural sciences and this makes the stairway seem a little bit like a cave. In the video projection over the faces, there is a fake sunlight rising and setting in about 10-minute intervals. Also, from time to time, there is a searchlight searching for something from the rock. On the wall next to the bigger formation, there are several triangular pyramids with mirrors on one side. These mirrors point towards the installation, so that the real sunlight from the window allows the reflections to wander through the faces.

The piece was made together with artist Petri Eskelinen.


MDF wall structure and mirrors
laser video projectors


City of Outokumpu, FI


Kummun koulu, Outokumpu, FI

Production Year